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>> he found 2.05 dimamond call me. >> that is it for us. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. due to the threat of terror attacks the state department is preparing to close or keep closed for a certain amount of time certain embassies in various hot spots around the middle east such as egypt, iraq and afghanistan. that list could be a lot longer. the spokesman says the department has obtained information and that it is making the move out of an abundance of caution. we are continuing to follow this breaking story. we will have more for you when we get it. the embassies closing for terror threats. on to a terror attack in the
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u.s. we have five days away from the trial of army major nidal hasan. we are getting a direct communication from him to fox news and you. chief intelligence correspondent tells us what hasan wants you to hear. >> reporter: on the eve of his military trial accused fort hood shooter released the hand writt written and typed documents to fox news where he appears to abandon his oath as a commissioned officer and explain his relationship with -- hasan's business car was found in his texas apartment after the shooting. hasan's attorney verified the
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authen tisity of the documents adding the army major directed him to provide the writings to fox news. quote he represented to me he either personally wrote in langhand or typed the statements at issue. all of the documents were prepared by major nidal hasan. staff sergeant sean manning shot six times spoke to fox news a year ago. with the defense department dealing with the attack he said via skype the public should make its own assessment. >> the government has treated this as an act of terrorism. i hope if people hear the words from hasan's own mouth that they understand this was an act of terrorism. >> reporter: in the only document bearing a date he writes i am compelled to renounce any oath of allegiances that require me to
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support/defendant any man made constitution like the constitution of the united states over the commandments mandated in islam. in another hand written document he states if i make any mistakes i ask for forgiveness in understanding. hasan declared american democracy is incomparable. even if it specifically goes against what all mighty god commands. hasan complains america's ban on cruel and unusual punishment promotes flogging of a forn cater or severing a hand of a thief. >> it is clearly an after the fact issue where he is trying to put the sort of personal jihad
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into a larger religious and sort of geopolitical context and justify what he is doing perhaps in a sense to himself but also in large measure to the folks in the islamic world. >> reporter: on his relationship with the radical cleric hasan writes he was my teacher, mentor and friend. i hold him in high esteem. >> he is saying he is a home grown extremist and somebody who identifies with al qaeda's ideology. >> reporter: in court wednesday the military judge denied the use of three alleged e-mails by the prosecution. >> and the judge declined to impose a gag order on hasan. fox news asked the officer at fort hoods if they would wish to comment on the statements and there was no immediate response. >> what can you tell us about the military pay that nidal hasan is currently receiving?
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>> until his time after the arrest hasan has received close to $300,000 in military pay and for the survivors this is disturbing and disgusting given the fact in the documents hasan appears to abandon his oath in the military as a commissioned officer. >> amazing. more trouble tonight for the tax man. republicans are accusing the irs of conspiring with another government agency to cause trouble for tea partiers and other conservatives. and the service is also under fire for wanting a special exemption from the president's signature legislative achievement. >> reporter: acting commissioner was asked in the hearing why irs employees want to be exempt from obama care. >> why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law that you are attached to enforce. >> i prefer to stay with the
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current policy that i am pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. >> reporter: this as newly revealed e-mail suggests irs may have shared confidential information. the american public is entitled to know whether the irs is inappropriately sharing their confidential tax information with other agencies. today he tangled with texas republican. >> you assured us that the irs despite the significant abuses of power were investigating that the irs has never shared private taxpayerer information with other federal agencies. i am looking at an e-mail from 2008 where louis lerner did exactly that. >> i never assured that there aren't incidences that occur. we share information roughly
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with 300 different federal and state agencies as a matter of routine business. and we have procedures and safe guards in place. >> reporter: lawmakers say in the process of investigating the irs targeting of conservative groups they discovered an e-mail between lerner and the commission. lerner came to capitol hill and pled the fifth after defending her actions. copies of six exchanges were released showing lerner's name six times. >> the irs said all along it has never shared this information with other agencies. we now have e-mails that show it is. >> reporter: in these exchanges there are questions asked about whether conservative groups and american issues project had received exempt status. >> from the e-mails we have seen now proven it is clear that political pointes of the white
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house use the irs and the committee to harass an organization who just want to be involved in the democratic process. >> reporter: now asking for all e-mail exchanges from 2008 to 2012. as that work continues president obama has nominated a permanent irs commissioner. a former freddie mac board chairman has the experience to restore confidence in the irs. and they say we under not read too much into the timing. it was a big day for wall street today. the dow up 128 points today. the s&p 500 gained 11. the nasdaq continued its surge. industrial average continues to hover at or around record highs in what has been a strong year so far. a disturbing journey into the mind of a convicted
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murdererer, rapist and kidnapping. during today's sentencing hearing ariel castro gave an emotional rambling and sometimes graphic information of the behavior that will keep him behind bars for the rest of his life. we also heard from one of his victims. >> reporter: before a packed courtroom michele knight, one of the three women victimized by ariel castro had her moment of revenge as her captor was sentenced to life plus 1,000 years. >> i will not let you define me or affect who i am. i will live on. you will die a little every day. >> reporter: despite agreeing to a plea that kill keep him behind bars for the rest of his life castro still put up a defense when he made his own statement to the court. >> i am not a monster. i am sick.
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>> reporter: castro was painted as a monster by the women and a string of authorities from first responders to the psychiatrists who continue to help the victims overcome years of abuse. >> the damage that was done does not go away. they have life sentences. >> reporter: regardless of the damage castro maintains his life was a family life complete with a happy daughter born as a result of rape. >> every time i came home i would be so glad of our situation. and my daughter [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: ariel castro will never ter or have contact with any of his victims. judge claiming castro is a threat to society ruled he has forfeited his right to freedom. >> you took 11 years of my life away and i have got it back.
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i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. >> reporter: tonight ariel castro is sitting in his cell waiting for paperwork to the correctional facility just outside of cleveland on monday. >> thank you. is president obama waging a war on energy? we will have team coverage next. and here is a live look at san francisco from our fox affiliate. the impending mass transit strike, negotiations are heated and there is no sign of a deal. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain.
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consider the obama administration's war on fossil fuels. our team coverage on west virginia officials taking their concerns right to the white house. we begin with chief washington correspondent on the president apparently not letting the facts get in the way of a good story about the keystone pipeline. >> word was the obama administration was going to approve the keystone pipeline project. in 2010 then secretary of state hillary clinton said she was inclined to approve and president obama himself hinted at ultimate approval. >> when it comes to the oil we import from other nations obviously we have to look at neighbors like canada and mexico that are stable and steady and reliable sources. >> reporter: with mr. obama safely elected he is striking a
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driesive stone on keystone. >> they keep talking about an oil pipeline that is estimated to create about 50 permanent jobs. that is not a jobs plan. >> reporter: that followed similar comments to the "new york times" saying this might create 2,000 jobs during the construction of the pipe lynn a line and then after that we are talking about 150 jobs. the state department said in the draft of the environmental impact study that including direct and indirect effects keystone would support approximately 42,100 average annual jobs over a one to two year period generating roughly $2.05 billion in earnings. >> he actually mocked the project and the jobs it would create. i don't know how he can look americans in the eye who are struggling and think there is
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something to joke about. >> reporter: some say the president's new line suggests he is elevating one democratic stituency above another, namely the labor unions. >> it is after the election so he has the luxury of picking and choosing among his democratic constituencies. with the environmental community keystone is the issue. with labor he can give them workforce development moneys. >> reporter: some industry sources warned us the president is only doing an elaborate head fake and intends to approve keystone. if completed the pipeline would bring online barrels per day. now to coal thriving overseas and dying here in the u.s. efforts about one state to turn it around before it is too late. state legislators took an
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approach to the obama administration's so-called war on coal today. a delegation went to the white house to plead the case that regulations are strangling the industry. >> i thought the meeting was very respectful and direct. it was very productive, too. >> at the other end of pennsylvania avenue the house science committee was playing hard ball withstandards for greenhouse gases. the committee sent six requests for the data. if the e.p.a. has nothing to hide why not provide this information. 130 power plants in the u.s. are idle and from tough competition. miners are hurting. >> people are losing their health care benefits and pension
3:19 pm
benefits. even those that are working are fearful of when the pink slip will come their way. >> in many cases the plants are the communities being served in terms as fire protection, police protection, taxes, those kinds of things. and this having a dramatic impact on the communities as a result. >> reporter: despite the characterization of today's white house meeting leaders agree any concession might be overruled by her boss who in the campaign of 2008 said if someone wants to build a coal fired plant they can it's just that it will bankrupt them. what the coal industry has lost in this country it is making up for with coal experts which have doubled since 2009. a coalition is suing the export/import bank to block the exports. >> more on the energy issue with
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the man who leaked a treasure-trove of sensitive american national security secrets is out of the moscow airport and somewhere in russia. edward snowden made his escape today after being granted a one-year asylum. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent tells us how that is already affecting u.s. relations with with moscow. >> reporter: the white house suggested russia's decision left
3:24 pm
little for president obama and putin to talk about at a moscow summit pencilled in. >> we are evaluating the utility of the summit in light of this and other issues. but i have no announcement on that. >> reporter: jay carney said the russians gave no warning before allowing him to leave the airport where he had been hold up since june. on capitol hill there was silence from those who think snowden is a hero. south carolina republican senator lindsey graham who says snowden compromised national security called russia's decision a game changer with our relationship with russia and mccain called it a slap in the face of all americans. >> russia should be, could be and i hope would be a much more positive partner in trying to bring stability in areas of the
3:25 pm
world where we have insecurity and instability. they haven't been very good at that. >> reporter: the most obvious example is syria and has continued to provide weapons. the russian relationship has provided an overland route to supply u.s. troops in afghanistan and more. >> it provided cooperation with russia in dealing with iran. it provided cooperation with russia that led to the new start treaty. >> reporter: still there have been questions about which countries have gotten the better deal since former sec is tear clinton presented with a restart button in 2009. >> and the reason is because, number one, i shouldn't have to. >> reporter: the president met with lawmakers from both parties to talk about the nsa's batta
3:26 pm
mibatta -- data mining. one house member said there will be legislation aimed at building confidence in the programs. >> thank you. more subpoenas coming from house republicans to the state department over benghazi. oversight committee chairman issa is demanding documents relating to the review of what happened when four americans were killed. issa says the state department has ignored requests for months. virginia republican congressman says tomorrow he will resubmit all of the questions he has over the past three weeks regarding benghazi so they will be in the congressional record. today he asked who in the white house knew what was going on in the cia annex and is calling for a select committee to investigate. texas republican says he will try to force a vote on that
3:27 pm
very proposal. confusion tonight on u.s. policy on drones. secretary of state told pakistani tv president obama has a timeline to end the use of the drones to kill terrorists. officials in yemen say three alleged al qaeda members were killed today by a suspected drone strike. how easy is it to get a taxpayer provided cell phone even if you don't qualify? we'll tell you. and we know who to blame for alleged sexual harassment by san diego's mayor. hint, it isn't the mayor. it guides you to a number that will change your
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♪ the 2014 e-class, it doesn't just see the future, it is the future. the lawyer for san diego mayor, bob filner, says the city should be on the hook for the mayor's legal bills as he fights sexualal harassment charges because he did not receive state required training to prevent it. several women have come forward with accounts from the democratic mayor. his former communications director is suing claiming filner tried repeatedly to kiss her and asked her not to wear panties to work. the city council disagreed
3:32 pm
voting not to pay for filner's defense. the smithsonian is interested in obtaining the hoodie worn by trayvon martin the night he was killed. told the washington post the sweat shirt represents an opportunity to further the discussion about race in america. last month george zimmerman was acquitted of the murder in the case. the smithsonian has the handcuffs used when harvard professor was arrested after a report of a break in at his own home in 2009. that resulted in the so-called beer summit at the white house. finally, an update on just how easy it is to obtain a free cell phone from the government? as we have reported the life line program is rife for fraud and abuse with phones being issued to dead people, multiple phones going to the same person and phones going to people who
3:33 pm
don't qualify. a reporter put the program to the test and ended up with three cell phones despite not qualifying for government assistance. jillion reports she showed up at food stamp offices in new york city and was approached outside by vendors ready to sign her up despite telling them she did not receive government assistance they submitted applications for her. she repeated this in other offices telling subsequent vendors she filled out an application. at one location she arrived clearly talking on her smart phone and was signed up despite the point of the program being for people who otherwise cannot afford cell phone service. one possible explanation, the wireless companies providing the phone get paid for everyone they hand out. we contacted the fcc from our
3:34 pm
privately financed phones. a spokesman says they are putting checks in place to combat waste saying we take any abuse of our rules seriously and are acting aggressively to enforce them. gloom and doom warnings about the effects of the sequester. they have turned out to be the equivalent of the camp fire ghost story, scary but not true. carl cameron pulls out his score card on the sequester. >> president obama and his party have warned of dire consequences from this year's $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts. >> cross the country these cuts will force federal prosecutors to close cases. >> border patrol agents will see hours reduced. fbi agents will be furloughed. >> reporter: when air traffic controllers faced furloughs congress and the president let
3:35 pm
the faa fight savings in other ways and ended the furloughs. customs and border protections cancell cancelled postponed all furloughs. the irs, u.s. park police and many others cancelled or scaled back dramatically. recent estimates suggest job losses will be at most a sixth of that. the president got four pinnochios that staffers would force an immediate pay cut. there has been concern when it comes to the defense department that too much cutting would effect security. >> canceling ship deployments, ending army combat training centers for brigades not deploying to afghanistan and
3:36 pm
imposing furloughs for 650,000. >> reporter: instead of the threatened 22 days of unpaid leave it is being slashed to as few as six. the cuts totalled $85 billion nationwide. government agencies were with able to avert most by eliminating waste and cleaning house. many of the adjustments are one-time shots so next year's biggest cuts may require bigger readjustments. why do irs employees want to get out of obama care? what were they doing sharing information about conservative groups? a lot to talk about with the soon to be audited. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter.
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exactly that, she shared a private taxpayer information with the federal election commission. >> we have procedures and safe guards in place to protect that information but no procedure or safe guard is perfect. >> from the e-mails we have seen now proven it is clear that political pointes of the white house use the irs and the federal elections committee to harass a conservative organization who just wants to be involved in our democratic process. we are conducting a very thorough and very deliberate investigation. >> republicans up on the hill suggesting that the irs shared sensitive tax information with the fec, federal election commission. that is a violation of law. that plus the irs and health care, where do we go from here? let's bring in our panel. columnist with the hill and
3:41 pm
syndicated columnist. the interaction between the irs and fec. lerner used to work at the fec. this investigation seems it is in early stages. to listen to representative kevin brady of texas. they have e-mails that they think are damning. >> i think representative brady is correct. we are in the early phases of this investigation. it is not too early toorn that the what is going on here is really, really problematic. it is deeply corrupt. it is probably illegal. it changes it is now morphing, gra gone from an irs scandal. president obama earlier this week said that these were phoneo scandals like the mississippi river they keep rolling and keeps getting bigger. i think the republicans are doing well. i think they are very methodical and are not hysterical.
3:42 pm
they are pursuing it and it will take time but they are pulling on it a thread at a time. >> what about that? if it starts expanding beyond the irs that starts to become more of a problem for the administration. >> they are not supposed to share information but the threat would be that they are sharing information for political purposes to undermine conservatives. in this situation that is not clear. they shared it with the enforcement division of the federal elections commission. so there could be a legitimate reason to see if somebody has tax exempt status to see what they are requesting and then requesting similar status from irs. we don't know. but the idea is and i think that there was testimony from lerner that there had been no sharing of data whatsoever. so now we have an exception to the rule apparently and of course that compounds all the
3:43 pm
suspicious about lerner and the fact that she has taken the fifth and whether or not she had the fifth and so i think it plays into and inflates the suspicions. >> lerner is obviously the irs official. took the fifth in a hearing. she is still on paid leave and getting paid by the taxpayers. and we still don't know whether she may be offered some immunity deal to tell her story on capitol hill. >> i think what is important with her involvement in this, juan talks about the fact that we don't have yet any direct evidence that the leaking of this information which is illegal, the irs is not allowed to disclose it to other agencies, whether anything to do with ideology or politics, all i would say is it is a hell of a coincidence when every time we hear about harassment, investigation, leaking
3:44 pm
information almost every instance has to do with an organization of the right. the odds of that i would take them in poker i would be extremely rich. in the absence of the direct evidence i think there is a trend here which is alarming. and the alarming part of it is that it not only stifles one of the most important elements of our society but it is to organize for expression of political ideas. it is one of the most sacred institutions in the country. when you have a corrupt government harassing them for political purposes you have really attacked the first amendment. it's not a trivial scam. this is a big deal. >> speaking of organizing let's talk a little bit about unions and what problems they have with obama care and its implementation. the treasury department's union, irs officials fall under that, do not want to be in the health
3:45 pm
care exchanges into obama care. they would ratherer keep the health care they have. today the acting irs commissioner was asked about that on capitol hill. >> last week your employees who are a member of the national treasury employees union sent a form letter for union members to send in to ask they be exempt from the exchanges. why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law that you are attached to enforce. >> i think the irs employees they are pleased with their health care coverage, they prefer to stay in their current health care coverage. more than likely i would prefer to stay with the current policy that i am pleased with rather than going through a change if i don't need to go through that change. >> that was a fantastic moment. it was fantastic because it was so revealing. i suspect that there are political aides who are republicans using that clip
3:46 pm
because it really went and articulated one of the concerns about obama care which is that people want to escape it because of the biurdens it places. it is modern liberalism which is what is good for me is not good for me. they want to exempt themselves from policies. you can see things like school choice where they deny it to inner city kids. i think it was a terrible moment for the obama administration and a wonderful one for its critics. >> people don't like change. nobody likes change. sequestration came and people who are wealthy were able to get away from it so it didn't affect tsa. government workers have good health insurance. they say we don't areally want to change. the unions don't want it. the critics, the number of union
3:47 pm
employees, the larger issue is we have so many people who are uninsured and bankrupted by high health care costs and kaechs that complain. that is what obama care is trying to resolve. >> if you don't like change why would you support a bill, a new law that will uproot and remake one-sixth of the american economy and tear millions of americans away from health care? >> is there any chance this is going to work? just any chance you think in your mind? >> in the end? >> yeah. >> if they can hook enough people on the subsidies in the first year or two it could. that is all they care about. it will cost a fortune. it will double and triple the deficit. if they can get enough people in the exchanges and throw money out the window at the exchanges then you can have an entrenched
3:48 pm
constituency. next up the keystone pipeline and the war on coal. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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>> when it comes to the oil we import from other nations, obviously we have got to look at neighbors like canada and mexico that are stable and steady and reliable sources. >> allowing the keystone pipeline to be built requires the finding that doing so would be in our nation's interest. and our national interest will be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. >> they keep on talking about this -- an oil
3:52 pm
pipeline coming down from canada that's estimated to create about 50 permanent jobs. that's not a jobs plan. >> bret: that's quite an evolution about talking about the keystone pipeline, about president obama. we're back with the panel. charles, your thoughts? >> i like the way the president is -- shows such a disdain for the 50 permanent jobs. what he is leaving out is that his own state department had estimated it would create over 40,000 temporary meaning jobs for a year or two. so here is he disdaining a temporary job for a year or two when four years ago he spent on $830 billion on shovel ready, even though they weren't, jobs that would last exactly a year or two. that was his whole point. how many permanent jobs came out of the massive stimulus i would like to know. so his -- he has changed everything here. you have to ask yourself on a project that is so
3:53 pm
obviously in the national interest, to secure source of wealth from a friendly country who would reduce our dependence, everything speaks on behalf of this and the state department itself had said there would be no adverse effects on the environment. why is he doing it in a second term? because he wants to appease the green constituents as a way as to perhaps win a seat or two in the congress. this is a president who talks everyday, practically, about how republicans put party and politics over national interest and how that they care about the next election and not the next generation that's obama's phrase. this applies exactly to what he is doing on keystone. >> bret: there is some whispers on capitol hill that this is a head fake, that the president is talking down to kind of talk to the environmental base but that they are going to approve it next weeks or so.
3:54 pm
we don't know that. we have no indication when it is coming down, juan. >> no, i think the politics and we saw this in the report earlier in the show for the longest time had the administration approving this project. if it's just a matter of the jobs the 40,000 figure is really not about people working on the pipeline, it's about suppliers, subcontractors, people in hotels for the workers. if you are just talking. >> it's still a job. >> it it's a very femp rather job. >> it's 50 more permanent jobs than solyndra. >> yeah, we can politicize it. >> bret: that's what steve hayes said the other night. >> if you are looking at this and trying to make a decision in terms of the enenvironmental impact. you are going to have to look at what exactly is the jobs competition. state department says by their own measure this would have negligible impact as a job producer for the united states economy, in the big picture getting the u.s. off of
3:55 pm
opec in the big picture. >> yeah, i absolutely agree. it's not that this is the most important issue facing the country to do. august of the arguments line up to line up with the keystone pipeline. it creates jobs. it doesn't create hundreds of thousands of jobs. it creates jobs. i must say if i had a miserable job creating record like president obama, i don't think i would be scoffing at anything that created jobs. i just want to underscore one other thing which is by obama's own reasoning which is this concern about climate change, his argument doesn't hold up, because the oil is going to flow. if it doesn't flow to us as charles has argued, it's going to flow somewhere else. so, there is no reason not to do this. and it, indeed, can help us achieve some amount of independence over time with with other things from a region that is always unstable. doesn't make sense to oppose it. >> bret: another thought from the panel on another big story when we come
3:56 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, something a little different down the road. quick reaction to the panel to the news that edward snowden was granted refugee status by russia virtually making him a free man. is he out of that moscow airport. pete? >> yes, this works when obama took office. missile defense show for the check republic for the polls. here you have vladimir putin embarrassing the president and this country. juan, i. >> i think vladimir putin is sticking his finger in president obama's eye and the question is, does obama have some steel to come back and fight him? >> oh, well, yeah, is he going to fight him by skipping mows cow in a trip overseas. i'm sure pew it unis deeply distressed over that right
4:00 pm
now, openinged in the schedule so he can wrestle a bear in the interim. >> bret: thanks inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> harris: this is a fox report. tonight threats to serious that the state department is closing a number of elm embassies and hot spots around the world. sentencing for a man who held women hostage for a decade. >> eternity. i knew nobody cared about me. >> he says terror. he says he is really not that that bad. >> i am just sick. >> tonight, judgment day for the man behind cleveland house of who are row roars. >> a massive meat recall because the beef may be contaminated with

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